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About Us

Through years of cooperation with different world-famous companies, our school has accumulated rich experience in corporate mandarin training and gained lots of praise from our clients in different fields. Our clients are all prominent international companies from different fields, ranging from laws, finance, insurance, commerce, retail, tourism, logistics, medical service, to technology, telecommunication, archeology, schools, and government institutions. Our students come from many international companies such as HSBC, Citibank, and RBS. To meet the needs of our clients in dealing with the business in working, socializing, studying or other settings, our school offers all kinds of practical and effective mandarin training courses. Our courses focus on improving students' conversation skills, and helping students put what they have learnt into practice through various activities such as role-plays, free talk, topic discussion, and listening practice.

The teachers in our school are all native speakers of mandarin. They are all from Beijing or other regions in northern China, holding master or doctoral degrees. They are all qualified mandarin teachers with the Level One Certificate in Putonghua Shuiping Ceshi (PSC, Mandarin Proficiency Test). All of them have at least eight years' teaching experience so that they are competent in instructing students to meet their needs and helping them improve their mandarin level in an expected period of time.

We offer you/your company:

  • Professional native Mandarin teachers with a Master's degree
  • Individual/Company needs analysis
  • Tailor made language training programme
  • Free pre-class and after-class assessment tests
  • Advice on course format, content and groups
  • Continual assessment of each learner's language proficiency throughout course
  • Periodic reports for the company including students' attendance
  • Course and trainer satisfaction questionnaires
  • Mandarin level certificates